Spam incoming

These nights. 😘❤️

Late night munchies is an understatement! Homemade avocado smoothie and pasta with eggs! 😋

I love this movie and friends who do this 👌😍😘

Old habits die hard

What better condition to be in than “fucked up” to read this godly of a book?? 😁☺️😊 #prozacnation

Throwback… Tuesday? #ughshorthairdocare

Nothing screams perfect better than a good morning.

And ofc I have to dedicate my phone to the beautiful Alex Vause

If anyone thinks I’m dead, tell them I am bc I’m binge watching #oitnb


Two visits to the ER in less than one week. New record 😌😩       At least I had super cute nurses!!

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